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English spoken courses: create infographics & logos, learn photo editing, graphic design & webdesign

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Job requirements often include Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign skills: you want to learn this. Create illustrations, logos and info graphics for commercial use. Design artwork for print and new media like websites, Facebook and blogs ánd learn about layout and design. You can see our own artwork in all banners: learn from us, we know how to use the software. An Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign course is your first step. Weekly lessons, homework and help in between: you will learn it all!

Adobe courses in English in Amsterdam, Illlustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

Find the perfect course in English for creatives or corporate users. Learn how to use Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign in a technically correct way. Then use that technique in a creative way and you're ready to use everything in a professional way and create files for print, multimedia and presentations. all courses available in english.

Illustrator & Photoshop

Find detailed information on what you will learn on the different Illustrator and Photoshop courses on their pages. Or read the short intros on Illustrator and Photoshop below.

InDesign & graphic design

Graphic design: create beautiful layouts for books, brochures and even magazines with Adobe InDesign. Read the short intros below or go to the course pages directly.


Find short intros on our webdesign courses below, you can learn how to build websites from scratch for instance, or HTML or SEO.

Illustrator courses & education

We have different Illustrator courses and even an Illustrator education in English. You can learn Illustrator from scratch or continue with advanced courses. We also have specialization courses for architects, fashion designers and stylists and pattern designers. Illustrator is so flexible you will never get bored. Learn Illustrator!

Illustrator education (complete)

Want to learn all about Adobe Illustrator? During this education you learn it all. No prior knowledge is required: you learn it all from scratch. You will create illustrations, design logos, trace and use Pantone, masks, special drawing modes, layers and much more. You learn how to prepare your work for press too.

> Illustrator education

Illustrator course

This illustrator course is perfect for students who don't know anything about Illustrator yet or who have been using it for a while and want to become more efficient and knowledgable. This course is aimed at novices but even students who already know Illustrator will pick up a whole set of new skills.

> Illustrator course

Illustrator Pattern DEsign

Cursus Illustrator dessins

Learn different techniques to make lively, great patterns that repeat perfectly. Learn all there is to know to create patterns and use them in different media such as fashion, wallpaper industry, curtains and upholstery and even websites.

> Illustrator Pattern Design

Illustrator advanced course

Illustrator Cursus Gevorderden

This Adobe Illustrator course is for those who plan on making a living with Illustrator. You will learn advanced techniques and how to trace with the 'Pen' tool and create logos. You need to know what is addressed during the first Illustrator course to attend this course.

> Illustrator Advanced Course

Illustrator Expert Course

Cursus Illustrator Expert in Amsterdam bij Fashion Centre

This Illustrator course will, among other things, teach you how to prepare your beautiful designs for print. We will address professional colour methods and you will use special techniques to transform your artwork. All will be combined in this course.

> Illustrator Expert Course

Create Illustrator brushes

Illustrator brushes maken

During this Illustrator course you will learn how to create Illustrator brushes for special borders and styles. Create all different brush styles: art brush, scatter brush, pattern brush and much more will be addressed.

Cursus Illustrator Brushes

Illustrator Course Fashion & styling

Illustrator For Fashion & Styling is developed for students in the styling industry. You recolor artwork, draw and create illustrations. The basis is the same as the Illustrator Course (you have to learn it, right?) but emphasizes styling examples. Need technical drawings? Have a look at the Illustrator Advanced Course or the Illustrator Tracing Fashion Course.

> Illustrator Fashion & Styling Course

Illustrator Fashion tracing course

Illustrator Cursus voor Mode en Styling

This course is perfect if you want to trace fashion in Illustrator. You use our images to get started and then use your own sketches and designs. You will learn the handiest tools and techniques for what you need to achive and use the 'Pen' tool for professional tracing. This tool is the most complex one but a lot of fun once you know how it works.

> Illustrator Fashion Tracing Course

Illustrator Course FOr Architects

Cursus Illustrator voor architecten

The Illustrator For Architects course is developed for city planners, architects, landscape architects and technical designers. You will use many tools that are perfect for the job. Learn how to create everything you need to present the best possible design to your clients or to use in plans.

> Illustrator Course For Architects

Illustator course pen & tracing

Pen gereedschap voor logo's en overtrekken in Illustrator

During this Illustrator course you will learn how to use the 'Pen' tool. You will learn how to trace and to create very precise designs. The 'Pen' tool is also used to create logos and technical drawings, you will learn how to use this tool well to be able to do that. Learn clever tips and tricks during this Illustrator course to get the most out of almost every other tool.

Illustrator Cursus Pen & Overtrekken

Illustrator & Pantone course

Cursus Illustrator en Pantone

During this Illustrator course you will learn how to use the special colours from X-rite: Pantone, It seems so easy to use these colours and of course, it is, but only once you know enough about how to use them properly. To make sure you benefit from all Pantone has to offer, attend this course. Your printed designs will truly benefit from it. So will your clients.

Pantone kleuren gebruiken in Illustrator

Training on demand

Illustrator workshop en training op maat

During training on demand you learn exactly what you need: you ask and we answer. It's as simple as that. You can tell us what you want to learn in advance so the best possible teacher will be available to help you.

Illustrator on demand

Photoshop courses & Education

Our Photoshop courses and the complete photoshop education are available in English. You can learn Photoshop from scratch but you can also join one of the advanced courses. There are specialization courses such as the Photoshop Masks course and the pattern design course. All you need as a photographer or creative.

Photoshop education (complete)

Photoshop opleiding in Amsterdam

Want to learn Adobe Photoshop? This education is for you. You first learn all necessary basics. And then you will restore photos and prepare them for press. You will create images for internet and print and you'll adjust your files in advanced ways. Work paths, special colours and first masks: all is addressed.

> Photoshop education

Photoshop course

Photoshop course

During this Photoshop course you will learn how to edit images. You will isolate persons and use them in other photographs, you create photo collages, correct images and use filters for special effects, text and text masks.

> Photoshop course

Photoshop Advanced Course

Photoshop Cursus Gevorderden, foto's bewerken

During this Photoshop Advanced Course you will learn to adjust photographs in more professional ways. You restore images and adjust colours and contrast using new techniques. Special transformations and options will be addressed.

> Photoshop Advanced Course

Photoshop Professional course

During this Adobe Photoshop course you will learn how to use the 'Pen' tool and create work paths in Photoshop. You will also learn how to use them professionally. Special image editing will allow you to give your digital images a very special look and feel. And there's more!

> Photoshop Professional course

Photoshop Expert course

Photoshop Cursus Expert

The Photoshop Expert Course is for those who want to become professional image editors and want to prep images for print. You will use channels, masks and colour profiles, histogram, curves and much, much more. After this Photoshop course you will know all that Photoshop has to offer and truly be a Photoshop professional.

> Photoshop Expert Course

Photoshop HDR Course

Cursus HDR beeldbewerking

HDR or High Dynamic Range stands for a special type of image editing in which tone mapping and other ways to edit images are combined. You will learn how to use Photoshop and even other applications to create a very special image from your digital photographs, enhancing the way it looks by bringing out spectacular colours and details.

> Photoshop HDR Course

Photoshop Masks Course

Cursus Adobe Photoshop Cursus Maskers in Photoshop

This Photoshop course teaches you how to create Photoshop masks from scratch. Whether it's a quick mask, a vector based mask or even a mask that is used for special image editing: all Photoshop masks will be addressed. You will use all of them and understand how they work during this creative course.

> Photoshop Masks Course

Photoshop & multimedia Course

Cursus Photoshop en multimedia

Today's designer should be able to prepare images for multiple media. You will learn all tricks there are during this course. You will optimize images for use in many on-screen media and make good use of the options and optimizations Photoshop has to offer. This will result in images that load fast and that can even use special effects.

> Photoshop Multimedia Course

Cursus Photoshop Animations

Cursus Photoshop animaties maken

Learn how to use Photoshop to create animations from your designs. You can even assign certain functions to make your animations really stand out. Create special effects and use all the knowledge you have to create the best possible animation for you.

Photoshop Animations Course

Photoshop pattern design

Photoshop cursus dessins, patronen maken in Photoshop

This Photoshop course teaches you how to create patterns in Photoshop. You will learn how to create perfectly repeating patterns with special techniques that will save you a lot of time. Learn how to recognize problems and solve them using the special tools.
This course takes seven weeks to complete, no prior knowledge is required since you learn everything from scratch. Go from novice to professional pattern designer in seven weeks.

Photoshop Patterns Course

Photoshop training on demand

Cursus Photoshop Maskers, snelmasker, knipmasker, laagmasker, vectormasker

If you have special demands or need to learn specific skills, training on demand is the best bet. Tell us what you want to learn and we will teach you the skills you need. You decide hoe many hours you book so this kind of training can save you a lot of money. Learn exactly what you need with a teacher who has been using Photoshop professionally for years.

Photoshop Training On Demand
(Page will be translated soon)

Photoshop Brushes course

Cursus Photoshop brushes maken

Learn how to create Photoshop brushes. Brushes are at the heart of almost every image editing so it's good to learn great settings, handy tricks and how to create the perfect brush for the job. Special effects, retouching and even restoring: everything looks better if it's done with a good brush.

Photoshop Brushes Course

Graphic Design education & InDesign courses

Graphic design: Learn how to use InDesign or attend a full graphic design education to learn how to use Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign all in one. Attend the course in English in Amsterdam and be surprised at all you will learn and that you can do. Technically correct with lots of creativity: get ready for some serious design time.

Graphic Design education 31 weeks

Grafisch vormgeven opleiding in Amsterdam

Learn Illustrator + Photoshop + Indesign

As a graphic designer you will usually have to know how to use different applications. You will probably use Illustrator to create logos, creative business cards and flyers for instance. And you will use Photoshop to edit photographic material, isolate elements and to create photo collages. And finally, you will use InDesign to put all of this artwork together in a beautiful design for a book, brochure or even a magazine.

We developed an education for modern graphic designers that combines all the above skills. You will learn Illustrator, Photoshop and even InDesign during this education.

> Graphic Desig Education 31 weeks

Graphic Design education pro 39 weeks

Grafisch Vormgeven opleiding Professional met Illustrator, Photoshop en Indesign

Learn Illustrator + Photoshop + inDesign PRO

This education is the extended version of the Graphic Design Education on the left. It contains a longer InDesign module. Some students will hardly use InDesign and want to focus on creating graphics. Others though want to learn a lot about InDesign because they want to create books, magazines or product brochures. This extended education is for you if the latter is the case.

The Illustrator and Photoshop modules in this education are exactly the same as in the Graphic Design Education. You will learn exactly as much Illustrator and Photoshop.

> Graphic Design Education Pro 37 weeks

InDesign Course

Learn InDesign

This course thoroughly teaches you how to use InDesign. Typography, adding images and illustrations and keeping an eye on printability are addressed. You use all elements you need to perform the common tasks in InDesign: masters and special styles for character and paragraph. You will combine text and images into a stunning design.

It is great if you know Photoshop and Illustrator for this course but it is not required. But you only learn InDesign.

> InDesign Course 9 weeks

Webdesign courses & education, code and SEO

Webdesign courses in English in Amsterdam: learn how to build websites from scratch, or learn HTML and CSS code. There is a special SEO course that will teach you how to optimize websites and apply search engine optimization techniques. or learn CSS3 and use state of the art extras to make your websites stand out.

Webdesign education (complete)

Webdesigner opleiding

As a webdesigner your clients will expect a lot from you. You will design and build websites and be clever about hosting and domain choice, social media and even Search Engine Optimization. Of course you should also know your HTML and CSS code.

Learn it all: Webdesign education

Dreamweaver course

Cursus Dreamweaver met HTML en CSS code, complete cursus

During this Dreamwaver course you first learn the heart of all internet pages: HTML and the styling CSS code. Then you learn how to use Dreamweaver to create web pages.

> Dreamweaver Course

Dreamweaver Advanced course

Dreamweaver cursus gevorderden

The Dreamweaver course teaches you more advanced techniques to build and maintain websites. Dreamweaver has many options to manage and change websites, you will learn all about it during this course.

> Dreamweaver Advanced Course

HTML code courseHTML code cursus


The heart of all internet pages is of course HTML code. A code not just fun to learn: you will need to know it to tweak the way things look and to correct mistakes that are generated by content management systems and web editors like Dreamweaver. Code knowledge is very important.

> HTML course

CSS course

CSS in Dreamweaver cursus

The CSS module will teach you how to code CSS by hand. Then, you will learn how to use it in Dreamweaver. You will create stylesheets and use the design and layout options CSS offers you such as CSS positioning.

> CSS course.

Dreamweaver & SEO course

SEO: Search Engine Optimization. This course teaches you how to optimize your website for Google and other search engines. Techniques are changing and evolving and during this course you will learn what you can do, should do and indeed should absolutely not do.

> Dreamweaver SEO Course

CSS3 goodies course

Cursus CSS3 code en styling in Amsterdam

CSS3 can add a fresh, new look to web pages. With wonderful extras as rounded corners, transparency, the use of transparency channels and a lot more webdesign has never been more fun. You will learn a few important options during this course to get you on the way to understand them all.

> CSS3 formatting and design
(Page is being translated)

WordPress course

Cursus WordPress installeren

Learn all you need to know on how to install and run WordPress during this course. Create a database, connect to it, create a mySQL user and much more. And then, use WordPress, adjust the theme and create pages with images and much more. All you need to know to get your WordPress website or blog up and running in no time.

WordPress Course
(Page is being translated)

Flash Course

Flash cursus in Amsterdam

During this course you will create interactive animations for internet and presentations. New developments make Flash more attractive on a growing array of platforms. With the evoluation of mobile platforms, it is even an important program for app development.

> Flash Course

A course at learningtrain

Why a course at learningTrain? Maybe because of our more than 10 years experience? Or because of the enthusiasm and good customer reviews? Or it could be the personal attention that makes every student count. In any case: we love teaching! You will love to learn here.

Creative COurses

10+ years of courses for creatives like fashion designers, stylists and architects.

Our style is 'technically correct and creative'. This will quickly guide you to a professional level. Because learning is most effective if you can have fun while you do it.

Easy to reach

Get off at stop Halte Fashion Centre / Lelylaan. We are in a modern complex that also houses the Municipal Centre.


You have come to the right place if you are a photographer, stylist or fashion designer. Fashion companies like CoolCat, Mexx, Hunkemoller, Tommy Hilfiger and McGregor have attended courses here. ABN-Amro, Europol, World Trade Centre Amsterdam and foreign customers like Teradata, IMDS, Quaker as well as counsils and architects know how to find us.

We love to see you all. Whether you already know something about Adobe software or are a complete novice: each course offers a lot of new skills for a new direction in your life.

Our extra's

Personal coach during your course
Intensive coaching
Extra help in between classes
Extensive lesson material with step by step assigments and examples
Personal correction of your homework
Quick responses if you need help
We keep the groups small to be able to properly help and coach you and to correct your homework

an Adobe course is a treasure hunt, finding creative skills that change the way you look at things. You'll watch tv commercials, posters and billboards wondering "how did they do this." you'll become an artist who wants to create. start here, now: start creating!

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