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Learn how to use Microsoft office applications or how to use a computer

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Learn exactly what you need

At work you often need computer skills. Learning how to use Microsoft applications such as Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Outlook can be very important. We can teach you how to use these applications succesfully.

You might also feel you don't have enough computer skills yet or you may be hesitant about how to use the new Microsoft systems such as Windows 7 or even Windows 8. Learn it all here.

A Microsoft Office course or even a computer course, even computer help on your very own computer. Anything is possible during this training. The training is on demand to teach you exactly what you need to learn. Have  a look below.

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As you try to find a new job or even during your job, you will most often need to know how to use Microsoft programs. Office skills are often crucial to help you do your job.

But not only at work, you will often want to create a good looking presentation, letter or even a CV/resumé. You might want to personalize your e-mails or create spread sheets for your finances in Excel. You can learn all this during training on demand.

Objective of our courses

Our goal is to teach you how to use Word, Excel or even PowerPoint and Outlook confidantly. Our training on demand can also teach you how to use the internet efficiently and securely or how to install, uninstall and manage applications, how to use clever functions and hidden tricks. Anything can be addressed: you tell us what you want to learn.

After this training you will know exactly what you need to get ahead.

Training on demand

We choose to teach you all this with training on demand. This way you won't learn what you already know and only pay for the hours of training for what you really want to learn. This may seem more expensive but since you learn efficiently and only what you really want to learn, this will actually turn out to be cheaper.
If you need more than five hours or training, ask for an estimate.

Find a microsoft office or computer course below. You can learn how to use a computer from scratch, for instance, or how to use internet more securely. There is also office word training, or office excel, outlook and powerpoint. learn how to create professional templates, spreadsheets and presentations with microsoft office.

Different options for your personal training

Microsoft Word course

Word Cursus, cursus microsoft word in Amsterdam

During this Word course you will learn how to use Microsoft word, Microsoft's text processing application. This has been the most important word processing application for years and it is often required at work. You will need it to create letters and presentations. You can add images, graphs and use special styles to make your designs more attractive. Learn it all during your Word training.

More about the Word training.

Microsoft Outlook course

Cursus Outlook

Anyone can send an e-mail. But if this e-mail should look professionally or if you require special formatting this can become more complicating. We can teach you how to use Outlook for special functions such as mailings or we can help you set up accounts and rules to process your mails. Learn all the tips and tricks to use Microsoft Outlook efficiently.

More about the Outlook training.

Microsoft Excel course

Excel Cursus: Microsoft Office cursus in Amsterdam

Very few people have never seen Excel. This application is often used at work to create spreadsheets. These are easy to create once you know how it works. You can even insert images and create special looking graphs. Excel also allows you to create calculation sheets and to create calendars and time schedules. There is very little you can't do in Excel, learn exactly what you need during your training.

More about the Excel training.

Internet training

Internet Cursus in Amsterdam

This training teaches you how to use the internet safely. We will explain what a browser is and how it can be tweaked. We teach you special settings and what you can do to use these well. It is important to understand the functions of settings so you can freely change them later. Learn all about it during your special training on demand.

More about the internet training.

Computer lessons

Computer cursus

Most people have by now used a computer. But in some cases, they have not had enough opportunity to use them for more than internet and e-mail. We can teach you what you need to know to get more out of your computer and to use them with more confidance. We can even teach you how to use your very own laptop.

More about the computer training.

Computer course & help

Computer hulp

We can help you with your computer problems. This way we can try to find a solution and even teach you whta you can do to prevent problems in the future. This is all part of 'computer training': you can specify what you want to learn or ask for help with viruses, for instance.

Computer Course and help.

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