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Location, address & route

Location & address
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Facilities, catering, computers and software

Computers & software

Location & address

Amsterdam LearningTrain contact


All courses and educations take place in Amsterdam (although training at client locations is also possible).
We are located around the corner of Lelylaan station in a modern complex that also houses the municipal centre.

The architect set up the complex as a 'gated community' in which different entrepreneurs are located. The emphasis is on both living and working: it is not a sterile working complex.


Jacques Veltmanstraat 107
1065 DB Amsterdam

Telephone and email

Contact smartphones telefoon, email




020 6820080

Telephone availability

Monday through Thursday
10:00 - 18:00 hours

13:00 - 18:00 hours

Traveling instructions


Routes Netherlands

Download the traveling instruction with the map

Routes outside Netherlands

Do you come from abroad? Find the right traveling instructions.

Public transport

Lots of options right around the corner!

Station Lelylaan
Multiple trains
Metro 50 and 51
Tram 1and17
Bus 62, 63, 247, 283,
Bus 195 (Connexxion)

Just a bit further
Bus 18
Tram 2

Facilities & space

WIFI, faciliteiten bij LearningTrain


Of course all necessary facilities are available during your course and education. You can use WIFI, based on the fair use policy.

There is always coffee, tea and water for you. During Summer, if the weather allows for it, you can enjoy the terrace and garden if you like to sit outside during breaks.


The educational space contains a work area and lounge area. You use the work area during your classes, you can use the lounge area to eat lunch or dinner or to simply get a cup of tea, or to relax if you come in after a long trip.

Catering & your own meals

Catering bij LearningTrain


Some students have class all day or come from far and would like to eat something during the course. LearningTrain cooperates with caterers and can provide food but most students prefer to bring their own meals or to have something delivered with

Let us know if you want to order lunch or dinner though. We like to use organic ingredients and we can of course take special diets into account.

Bringing your own food

Feel free to bring your own food, most students do. You can use the fridge to store it cool, or of course heat something up if you like to eat something warm.

Computers & software

computers en software, Adobe


You can use our computers that are ready to use and that are installed with the necessary software. This way you don't have to bring your own laptop. But... most students bring their laptops so they can take their work back home.


All our computers are installed with the software you need. If you have a Creative Cloud subscription you can log in to have your work at your fingertips. Please let us know in advance though.

If you don't have a Creative Cloud subscription you can use an earlier software version that is installed on the computers.