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Copyright on all LearningTrain
artwork & design


The illustrations on this website have all been created from scratch by LearningTrain. They are copyrighted.

All illustrations that you can see in the banners have been created by the founder of LearningTrain.

All illustrations are copyrighted. it is not allowed to use the artwork on this website or any artwork present in any of the LearningTrain materials, including lesson material, for your own use, commercially or not commercially.
It is not allowed to publish, distribute or use any artwork that is present on this website or in any of the LearningTrain publications, lesson material included.
Each unauthorized use of artwork can lead to fines.
The rights on all artwork are subject to Dutch law and fall under the international rights to intellectual property.

Illustrations & photo collages

illustrator illustratie

All illustrations on this website have been created from scratch in Illustrator by the founder of LearningTrain, with great pleasure and joy. They are also used in lesson material.

Each button, each illustration, the backgrounds and all artwork you see on this website was created by the founder. No standard illustrations or stock illustrations were used. Why use standard illustrations if you can create your own?


illustrator illustratie

The photo collages have also been created by the LearningTrain founder.

The collages are combined images that have been created in Photoshop from images that were given by befriended photographers and free images. You will in some cases be able to use them yourself since they can be part of the courses.

Do you want to use something?

If you would like to use one of the illustrations or artwork, just send an to LearningTrain.

On demand illustrations

You can also ask LearningTrain to produce special artwork for you. Simply send an to LearningTrain.

Drawing portraits

Portret tekenen in Illustrator

Since 2018 it's possible to have portraits drawn on demand.

The emphasis lies on corporate life: think of a boss who leaves the company, an assistent who worked with you for a long time or even a coffee person who spent a good portion of his or her life with you.

But individuals can order portraits too. Feel free to order a portrait for a loved one, or even of your pet.

By hand, from scratch

portretten tekenen, illustratie van mensen en gezichten

The portraits are designed by hand after photo. No automatic functions are used, no automatic tracing: each portrait is unique and hand-drawn, albeit digitally to get the specific style.


Per portret
€ 700,00 excluding BTW (VAT)
€ 847,00 including 21% BTW

You will receive a big, professional print of the portrait so you can put it in the frame of your choice.

Illustrations for all situations

illustrator illustratie

illustrator illustratie

illustrator illustratie

illustrator illustratie

illustrator illustratie

Image editing

illustrator illustratie

You can also order free illustrations, logos and other artwork or even have images edited to ensure your photos will absolutely print well which is great for photographers.

Image editing is paid per hour. Since we have lots of experience we're often ready in no time which saves you a lot of money.

Image editing per hour
€ 100,00 excluding BTW (VAT)
€ 121,00 including 21% BTW

Illustrations and logos for instance are first estimated so you know what you will have to pay in advance.