Illustrator artwork, vector graphics
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  • Grafisch Vormgeven opleiding in Amsterdam
    Grafisch Vormgeven Opleiding
  • Illustration cover
    Voeg tekst en beeld samen in Adobe InDesign
  • InDesign voor grafisch vormgeven
    Leer tekenen en illustraties maken met Illustrator en gebruik ze in InDesign
  • Grafisch Vormgeven opleiding met Illustrator, Photoshop en InDesign, lessen in Amsterdam
    Combineer Illustrator artwork en in Photoshop bewerkte foto's in InDesign tijdens de Grafisch Vormgeven opleiding
  • Photoshop gebruiken voor grafisch vormgeven van tijdschriften, boeken en bladen
    Maak met Photoshop creatieve foto collages
  • InDesign voor brochures en grafisch ontwerpen
    Gebruik InDesign voor brochures, flyers en posters
  • InDesign boeken opmaken, omslagen
    Maak illustraties in Illustrator en bewerk foto's voor gebruik in InDesign

Graphic design: combine illustrations, images and text into wonderful layouts for books, brochures and magazines


Graphic design is combining images and text into great layouts for books, magazines, brochures or even product presentations. You combine images, photos, that you edit in Photoshop with graphics, logos and illustrations that you create in Illustrator. You complement your design with text that you format to perfection in InDesign. Graphic designers who master InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop are immensely appreciated. They optimize every step in the production process and make them independent of third parties that usually slow down the creation process. No need for long production lines, outsourcing and a deluge of mails to explain everything.

What you need as a graphic designer depends on what you want to do. If you are going to use images that are all ready to use an InDesign course is all you need. But if you also want to edit and even create these images, graphics, illustrations and logos you really are going to need to learn more. Illustrator for instance, and Photoshop.

Discover the principles behind brochure design and much more and create designs that are beautiful and informative and that reflect your personality, style and brand.

Graphic Design

Complete Illustrator Opleiding, leer alles vanaf nul, geen voorkennis nodig, leer tekenen, lagen, typografie

Graphic Design Education with Illustrator, Photoshop and a lot of InDesign

Learn everything from scratch during this very complete Graphic Design Education PRO. The education consists of 5 long modules: you learn it all from scratch so you won't miss a thing. At the end of your education you will be able to perform all important tasks in Illustrator and Photoshop and use InDesign professionally.

Illustrator: 2 modules
Identical in both graphic designer educations

You will learn all you need as a professional Illustrator: intuitive drawing, technical drawing, using layers and typography. But you'll learn a lot more: masks are addressed, saving for multimedia, using 3D functions and preparing your designs for print.

Photoshop: 2 modules
Identical in both graphic designer educations

During the Photoshop modules you will learn how to create photo collages, isolate elements, remove backgrounds, adjust colours, brightness and sharpness and how to use filters and multiple functions. You will save images for different media and learn all about resolution to prepare files for InDesign.

InDesign: complete module

The InDesign will bring it all together. You are going to use Masters, pagination, type styles for consinstency, you place images and Illustrations and combine this with professionally formatted text. You create layouts for books, magazines and brochures.

35 lessons
Runtime 30 weks
+ tests and exam

Graphic Designer

Graphic Design

Illustrator cursus, cursussen Illustrator en training op maat in Amsterdam

Graphic Design Education with Illustrator, Photoshop and a hint of InDesign

Learn everything from scratch during this complete Graphic Designer Education. The education consists of 4 long and 1 short module: you learn it all from scratch so you won't miss a thing. At the end of your educaiton you will be able to perform all important tasks in Illustrator and Photoshop and simpler InDesign tasks.

Illustrator: 2 modules
Identical in both graphic designer educations

You will learn all you need as a professional Illustrator: intuitive drawing, technical drawing, using layers and typography. But you'll learn a lot more: masks are addressed, saving for multimedia, using 3D functions and preparing your designs for print.

Photoshop: 2 modules
Identical in both graphic designer educations

During the Photoshop modules you will learn how to create photo collages, isolate elements, remove backgrounds, adjust colours, brightness and sharpness and how to use filters and multiple functions. You will save images for different media and learn all about resolution to prepare files for InDesign.

InDesign: korte module

This InDesign module brings it all together. You design layouts for posters, flyers and even designs for brochures. You add images and illustrations and combine this all with text.
The difference with PRO? This module is short and does not address all things InDesign.

30 lessons
Runtime 25 weeks
+ tests and exam

Graphic Deigner

InDesign course
Standalone cursus

Adobe InDesign cursus: grafisch vormgeven met foto's, illustraties en opgemaakte tekst

InDesign course: creating layouts with images, illustrations and text

During this InDesign course you will use ready to use images, photos and illustrations. You put them together in a beautiful way to create stunning layouts and add text that you format professionally. You learn how to use masters, type styles and everything most professional InDesign users need on a daily basis to create beautiful designs.

In InDesign you can not...

You can't edit images (photos) in InDesign nor can you create illustrations: you use ready-to-use images instead. If you want create and edit photo collages and illustrations for instance you are better off attending the Graphic Designer Education PRO. Or attend an Illustrator or Photoshop course.

6 lessons of ± 2 hours
Runtime one month
+ personal test lesson


InDesign course PRO
with Illustrator & Photoshop

Adobe InDesign cursus: grafisch vormgeven met foto's, illustraties en opgemaakte tekst

InDesign Course PRO
Learn InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop

During this long course, you learn how to use Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. This will allow you to work faster and of course independently. Editing files for use in InDesign will be done in no time and you won't have to ask third parties for help which will improve your work speed.

Illustrator, editing photos, design

In InDesign, you can't edit photos or create illustrations. This is why you learn how to use Illustrator during this course, to create your own graphics and edit the ones that are sent to you, and you learn how to use Photoshop to edit photos and create collages.

18 ± 1:45 / 2 hours lessons
(Depending on student cout)
+ personal tests and exam
3 1 month modules

(page being translated)
Complete omschrijving
InDesign Cursus

InDesign course
Standalone course

Adobe InDesign cursus: grafisch vormgeven met foto's, illustraties en opgemaakte tekst

InDesign course: creating layouts with images, illustrations and text

During this InDesign course you will use ready to use images, photos and illustrations. You put them together in a beautiful way to create stunning layouts and add text that you format professionally. You learn how to use masters, type styles and everything most professional InDesign users need on a daily basis to create beautiful designs.

In InDesign you can not...

You can't edit images (photos) in InDesign nor can you create illustrations: you use ready-to-use images instead. If you want create and edit photo collages and illustrations for instance you are better off attending the Graphic Designer Education PRO. Or attend an Illustrator or Photoshop course.

6 lessons of ± 2 hours
Runtime one month
+ personal test lesson


Personal training on demand

Adobe InDesign cursus: grafisch vormgeven met foto's, illustraties en opgemaakte tekst

InDesign training on demand: learn exactly what you need for your job

During InDesign training on demand you decide what you want to learn. You can tell us what you need to know and what is important to you, bring files to class and work on files with your teacher.

You can book this training for yourself or for you and colleagues.

Personal training on demand is also possible for only you. This way you will learn things fast and learn exactly what you need since you decide what you want to learn.

Personal Training

What to choose? Graphic Designer education, PRo? Only Indesign?

Graphic Design in the old days

Graphic design is field of expertise that can be just as extensive as you want. In the old days the designers only had to add images and illustrations and add text. The images were ready to use: they didn't have to edit photos themselves or create illustrations and free drawings and logos. They didn't need to know how to do all that.

Graphic design nowadays

Nowadays clients and bosses ask much more from graphic designers: they are now required to really know how to use Illustrator and Photoshop. This is a big difference. If you know how to use Illustrator and Photoshop you will be a very much and sought after colleague who really knows it all.

Choosing a
GRaphic designer Education

Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign

During one of the extensive graphic designer educations you usually first learn how to use Illustrator and Photoshop. This allows you to edit and create your own images, illustrations and even logos. But which education should you choose? The regular Graphic Designer Education? Or do you really need the Graphic Designer Education PRO?

The regular education or the PRO education

During the PRO education you learn how to use InDesign extensively. You will use 'Masters', type styles and all you need and that is really an important part of InDesign. This education is for you if you know you are going to create layouts for books, magazines and brochures, and of course posters and flyers.

During the regular education you learn how to use InDesign too but not as extensively. This education is for you if you want to learn how to use InDesign but if you're probably not going to use it a lot.

ONly learn how to use
Adobe InDesign

Only InDesign

Do you only want to learn how to use InDesign? That's great too. With this InDesign course or even with training on demand you learn all you need to know to create books, magazines and brochures. You combine images, illustrations and text. Images and illustrations are provided ready to use at your work: you don't make them yourself.

Learning more

During the InDesign course you don't learn how to edit photos and how to create collages, or how to draw and create illustrations and logos. If you need to do this at work you should really select the Graphic Designer Education PRO. Its InDesign module is just as extensive and you will learn Illustrator and Photoshop.


Illustreren en tekenen, ontwerpen met Illustrator van Adobe, cursus volgen in Amsterdam

Veel tools

Tijdens de lessen leerde ik snel veel verschillende tools om te gebruiken waardoor het in een mum van tijd lukt om zelf aan de slag te gaan met het maken van afbeeldingen.
Wat ik erg prettig vond was dat we bij alle functies meteen leerden wat de sneltoetscombinatie was. Hierdoor leer je meteen snel schakelen tussen tools wat efficiƫnt werkt.
Eva F.


Echt vet, ik kan al meteen alles gebruiken. Ik ga door met gevorderden!
E. vd V


Heb al wel superveel profijt van de cursus! Zowel thuis als op werk :) Ben allerlei dingen aan het maken ermee.
M. de P.

Zeer degelijk

Dit is een zeer degelijke cursus die goed de basis van Illustrator uit de doeken doet. De sfeer is goed en nodigt uit om vragen en opmerkingen te plaatsen waar ook goed en professioneel op wordt gereageerd. Het cursusmateriaal is uitgebreid en de oefeningen sluiten aan op de behandelde stof. Het huiswerk sluit ook aan op de afgelopen lessen en zijn van goed niveau, zelfs voor de mensen die al wat ervaring hebben met Illustrator. Het vergt wel een paar uur per week om het huiswerk te maken maar het heeft dan ook tot doel om routine op te bouwen.
Tot slot; de geboden faciliteiten zijn goed en er zijn mogelijkheden om met de verschillende versies van Illustrator (CS3/4/5/6)) te werken.Kortom; deze cursus is de prijs meer dan waard!


I though this course would be easy, I have worked with Illustrator for a few years now. I stepped into your class room with a big ego. I am now dwarfed! But I love it ;)
Andrew D.


Al jaren was ik creatief bezig en ik wilde dit uitbreiden naar digitaal tekenwerk. Dat lukt me nu heel goed. Ik kan mijn eigen tekeningen mooi opmaken in Illustrator en ze bovendien van tekst voorzien. Ik ben echt heel blij met deze cursus. En wat een prachtig naslagwerk.
Merel de J.


Kijk, aan jullie cursusmateriaal heb ik nog eens wat. Dit is pas het echte werk. Geweldig!
Boris van den H.

Illustrator Bijbel

Leerzame cursus, met duidelijke uitleg en uitgebreid naslagwerk ( een soort illustrator bijbel ).
Ik heb met heel veel plezier de cursus gevolgd !
H.M. V.

Professional training

This school is so different that I hope they will stay this way for ever and not grow into one of those fast-school facilities. Professional training, personal coaching and homework corrections. What more do I need? Thanks miss, had to get used to your sense of humor but wow!
W. Y.


Ik moest voor het werk vaak Illustrator bestanden bewerken, we krijgen ze aangeleverd uit Amerika. Ik prutste wat met de tekst. Sleutelde aan de kleuren en morrelde aan de vormen. Maar het grootste deel van mijn tijd was gemodder. En ik moest dus op cursus. Met tegenzin begon ik eraan, ik vond het echt een vrouwenprogramma. Maar vanaf de eerste les was ik om. Dat is knap! Ik ben nog steeds enthousiast. Wilde ik even kwijt. Volgende week mijn laatste les. Eeuwige dank.
Modder R.

Voor mij te zwaar

Hoewel ik de Cursus an sich kan waarderen was hij voor mij te zwaar. Ik vond het moeilijk mijn drukke gezin, baan en les te combinieren. Echter wel prachtige ondersteuning en feine sfeer.
Sybille J-D


Sybille, je had wel flinke pech! Je mag altijd terug komen om wat je gemist hebt in te halen, doe rustig aan, er is geen tijdlimiet voor. Maak daar gerust gebruik van! Ik stuur je een mailtje.

Eindelijk leuk

Ik ben al op meerdere scholen geweest, het moest er snel, het moet met standaard materiaal, er is geen begeleiding... Eindelijk vind ik naar school gaan leuk en vooral inspirerend en leerzaam! Deze school is een echte aanrader!
Neil J.

Net begonnen

Ik ben net begonnnen met deze cursus maar het bevalt me nu al goed! Ik krijg na deze twee lessen elke keer trouw antwoord op mijn vragen. Had ik niet verwacht, heel erg bedankt en sorry dat ik zoveel vragen stel!
M. S.


Illustrator is a very extensive application and I must say I dreaded the course. But due to the teacher's patience I found the course to be not only clear and helpful but truly inspirational. I am looking forward to the advanced course.
Bette L.


Ik had deze cursus nodig voor mijn positie als marketing manager. We krijgen regelmatig Illustrator files toegestuurd ter revisie. Tot op heden waren dergelijke bestanden abracadabra voor mij. Nu niet meer. Ik redigeer en wijzig alles direct en kan instructies geven aan de editors overzee. Ideaal!
Linda d. J.


Geweldige cursus! Zo uitgebreid en praktisch. De begeleiding is zeer goed. Ik heb uiteindelijk 3 cursussen gevolgd. Ik ontwerp voor mijn eigen bedrijf en nu doe ik alles digitaal en ben zo onafhankelijk van andere ontwerpers. Top! Ga zo door.
Yisa Lin-T.


I learned not only the basics but even features used by professionals. The course was saturated with incredibly useful information. Thanks!
Raymond R.

Alles afgevinkt

De cursus is heel goed en professioneel. Ik heb voor de cursus een lijst gemaakt van alles wat ik wilde leren tijdens deze cursus en heb alles kunnen afvinken.
E. van H.

Ontzettend duidelijk

Ik ben echt zeer tevreden over de inhoud van de cursus die ik heb gevolgd. Naar mijn idee wordt de beschikbare tijd zeer nuttig gebruikt tijdens de lessen. Het lesmateriaal is zo ontzettend duidelijk dat je er genoeg aan hebt om alles thuis nog eens door te nemen en vervolgens de huiswerkopdrachten te maken. Mij sprak het tempo wel aan, het gaf me het gevoel dat ik snel en veel leerde.
Ook ben ik zeer te spreken over het feit dat ik steeds zo snel een reactie ontving per email als ik huiswerk toestuurde of iets te vragen had.
Aimée Hoen

Er werkelijk iets aan hebben

Les krijgen en weten dat je er ook werkelijk iets aan gehad hebt. Dit stimuleert enorm. Geweldig lesmateriaal!!!

Cursus: eye-opener

Deze cursus is een echte eye-opener. Ik kan nu al mijn ontwerpen digitaliseren wat een hoop tijd scheelt. Bedankt voor de goede begeleiding!
Janneke van B.


Ik kijk sinds ik met de eerste cursus begon heel anders naar de wereld en ontdek steeds meer dingen die met Illustrator zijn gemaakt. Het is zo opvallend! En het mooiste is: ik heb er nu werk mee gevonden. Heel erg bedankt!
Jeltsje van M.

Great, people!

Thanks for the course. Really inspiring. I am coming back for more courses. Great, people!
Stan B.

Hard werken

Het was hard werken zeg. Maar alle moeite waard! Ik heb er echt tijd voor moeten maken en gelukkig werd me op het werk ook de ruimte gegeven om dat te doen. Ik gebruik het nu in mijn functie van webdesigner en maak de nieuwsbrieven en presentaties op. Echt te gekke cursus!
Joris van B.


Ik sluit me helemaal aan bij Tamara hieronder, ik zat bij jou in de klas. We hebben bovendien ook nog vreselijk veel gelachen! We moesten wel wennen aan het gevoel voor humor van onze coach!
Nadine Meertens

Hele Piet

Ik werkte al jaren met Illustrator. En vond mezelf een hele piet. Toen ik van mijn docent het artwork zag moest ik even slikken: dat kon ik niet. Ik heb uiteindelijk zowel de basis cursus en de gevorderden cursus gevolgd. Ik heb er geen spijt van en bovendien heb ik me geen seconde verveeld. Ik zat een beetje vast in wat ik wist en kon en heb mijn kennis en vaardigheden enorm uit kunnen breiden. Petje af voor de trainer!
Tamara van den A.

Het is het waard!

Ja, veel geleerd en erg leuk om te doen bovendien. Het was het waard!
F. van der Wielen

Patience with the pen

I really lost heart when the pen tool was addressed. I didn't understand it at all. Due to the teacher's patience and clear responses I finally got it and I must say I truly enjoy using it now. Excellent course!
Amanda Reyes


Ik wist niet dat ik nog zoveel zou leren. Maar nu kan ik binnen mijn functie zelfs de omslagen van de boeken maken. Ik hoop dat er nog een soort Illustrator Super komt! Als er tenminste nog iets te leren valt.
Sandra van de Meulebelt

Ik kan nu alles

Ik vond de basiscursus al heftig maar deze is zo mogelijk nog leuker. Mijn dank, als graficus ontbrak het me aan de nodige skills binnen Illustatror. Ik kan nu 'alles'.
Raymond Waayer

Mood Boards

Als modeontwerpster koos ik voor het volgen van de Illustrator Cursus en voor Illustrator Cursus Gevorderden. Dit omdat ik meer wilde dan alleen tekeningen overtrekken: ik wil ook presentaties maken en mood boards. En dat is gelukt! Ik ben continu druk bezig. Thanks!
Lianne Luyenberg


Kerel, geinig gedaan. Klaar met deel twee en ik hoop met sterke hoop dat er ooit een deel drie komt met spannende extra's.
Jacques de B.

Heb een baan!

Juffie bedankt! Ik heb nu een baan dankzij jou. Een oldskool handmatige designer zit nu te computeren. En ik vind het geweldig!
M. Anjers


De aanpak was voor mij echt oldskool. Waar kom je nog tegen dat je huiswerk op de hand wordt nagekeken? Dat je persoonlijke tips krijgt? Je wordt achter de broek gezeten als je je huiswerk niet inlevert dat was zo leuk. Go oldskool!
G. W.


Ik sluit me geheel aan bij de eerste reactie: valt er nog iets te leren??? Ik ken mensen die van grafische vakscholen komen en ik vind dat ze zitten klooien. Ik ben erg, erg tevreden met deze leerplek.
Harold de K.


Supercursus, superhuiswerk, supermateriaal, superbegeleiding, helemaal superdesuper. Ik kan alles uitvoeren wat mijn baas me vraagt. Geen enkel probleem. En: ik ben de enige op de zaak die dat allemaal kan. Misschien toch eens salarisverhoging vragen...
Janneke Schoordijk


Voor mij betekend dit een enorme kosten besparing, ik kan alles zelf uitwerken en hoef niets uit te besteden. Fijn.
Henna J.


Deze cursus is voor mij het puntje op de i.
G. van de B.


Deze cursus was voor mij ideaal. Het tempo was goed, niet te snel niet te langzaam. Ook de zorg tijdens de cursus en de uitdagingen met het lesmateriaal en tijdens de les waren inspirerend. Ik heb veel geleerd.
M. W.


Deze Illustrator cursus is fijn om alles te leren over drukbaar maken van ontwerpen. Ik moet in mijn vak veel prepress doen en Illustrator bestanden waren voor mij vaak een raadsel omdat ze door verschillende bedrijven en creatives zijn opgemaakt. Maar ik snap nu hoe het moet en heb ondertussen nog heel wat meer geleerd. Ik kan deze cursus van harte aanraden.
Johanna van D.


Ik wilde graag met Illustrator leren werken en schreef me in voor de eerste cursus. Maar ik werd gebeten door de Illustrator bug! Ik heb nu ook de cursus Expert afgerond. Alles is leuk, de locatie, de sfeer, wat je leert. Bovendien behalve vriendelijk ook nog professioneel. Wat wil ik nog meer.
Gerda de J.

Als privecursus

Ik volgde deze cursus als persoonlijke training. De eerste cursussen deed ik in een groep maar er was geen plek meer en ik wilde graag door. Ook als persoonlijke training was dit perfect voor mij. Ik kon ook een speciaal schema volgen, dat was ook fijn want ik kwam van ver. Heel erg bedankt voor deze leuke cursus.
Syra H.


Ik kom hier inmiddels al een paar jaar en kan met een gerust hart de cursussen aanraden. Kleine groepen en echt les met huiswerk. Plus een bevlogen docente die voor zover ik weet niet een vraag niet beantwoord heeft. De ruimte is netjes en inspirerend en ik leer telkens heel veel.
Ria G.

Leuk en leerzaam

Deze cursus is leuk en leerzaam. Je hebt voldoende basiskennis nodig om mee te komen, in onze groep zat iemand die niet goed mee kon doen. Dat was soms lastig omdat de docent ook hem graag wilde helpen, we moesten soms wat langer wachten. Maar de sfeer bleef ontspannen. Al met al een plezierige cursus.
Bart J.


Na deze cursus ben je echt klaar met Illustrator. Ik kan op mijn werk alles gebruiken wat ik heb geleerd.
Nellie W.

Problemen oplossen

Leuk dat tijdens de les echt problemen waar je tegenaan loopt worden opgelost. Mijn docent wist een keer iets niet en zocht dat op en liet dat weten bij de volgende les. Tevreden ben ik wel.
Han J.

Questions about
Graphic design

Tekenen in Illustrator, ontwerpen maken, illustratorcursus in Amsterdam, Nederlandse cursus

What is InDesign?

InDesign is an Adobe applicaiton that you can use to design books, magazines and brochures. As a graphic designer there is no escaping InDesign: ever since this program has been added to the Adobe suites it has taken the designer world by storm. It removed QuarkExpress from the designing scene

You can compare InDesign with Dreamweaver: in Dreamweaver you combine elements to create attractive web pages. In Dreamweaver you create these pages for the internet: for websites. In InDesign you create these pages for print and digital media.

InDesign for all layouts

InDesign has always been a fantastic program to create layouts for magazines, brochures and of course books. In InDesign you can combine images, illustrations and other elements with type: you put all elements in the best possible places to create an attractive design. That is what you will learn to do with InDesign and of course, during the Graphic Designer educations you can attend as well.

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Learning InDesign

It's a good idea to learn everything from scratch to get to know most handy tools. This also helps you understand all important settings and functions that will make your design work in InDesign a lot easier.

With our study method and lesson material you will have good support. The material contains step by step exercises; you really will learn it all.

How will I learn InDesign here?

Our teaching method, small groups (because since you get homework, this has to be corrected and takes time) that allow for monitoring each student, a teacher who really knows the software and uses it professionally and hand correction of your homework the courses and educations are usually succesful. Even students who think design is difficult create nice and attractive designs after this course. You will see.

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Do I have to be creative?

You don't have to be creative, some students learn how to use InDesign to create documents following strict company guidelines. They have to comply to rules and are not free designers.

If you are going to work independently though you will be able to choose the designs yourself. In such a case it's a great asset to be creative or to have enough interest and curiosity to learn how designing works and how to to create designs.

Learn how to observe

What's more, you will really learn how to observe from the first lesson on. This will help getting a sense of proportion, shape and colour. After a few lessons you will be able to decide if elements go well together.

Of course, personal taste plays a big role. But this can make your life more difficult too. The teacher can help you overcoming certain things and help you design with a more open mind and mindset.

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What is graphic design?

Graphic design is combining graphic content for specific media in an attractive way. Think of digital media such as PDF's that clients can download, or presentation material. But you can also think of printed media and design books, brochures, yearbooks, magazines and of course: books.

A graphic designer creates beautiful combinations that place every element on the page in its best possible spotlight.

Creating beautiful combinations

A graphic designer combines all the content into an attractive presentation. A graphic designer uses the knowledge of shape, proportion, colour, fonts and a lot more to combine these elements.

Of course, a graphic designer knows the program (application) he or she is using and can quickly adjust things and choose the best options and functions to achieve the creative goal.

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InDesign for pure layout

For most graphic designers it is enough to use the images that are provided by their clients. So for graphic design, strictly speaking, you only need InDesign.
In InDesign, you combine images and type. But... times have changed and most graphic designers nowadays are asked to do and use much more than that.

Illustrator skills

if for instance you want to design logos, business cards or illustrations, or if you want to create text dividers and special elements to use in InDesign, you are going to need Illustrator.

If you also want to edit the images you should use, the photos, you can't do without Photoshop.


And a lot more

Of course, students come from all walks of work. Think of the students who have to also create graphics for app interfaces, for websites, flowcharts and informative layouts. All these things are much easier to do with Illustrator.

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What can I do with Photoshop?

In Photoshop, you can edit images. This may seen unnecassary but even simple cutting and cropping images is great if you can already do this in Photoshop. This helps you create images that are not only the right size but you can even keep an eye on the resolution and keep everything under control.
In Photoshop you can correct colours and remove backgrounds, too, or repair areas that are not yet perfect for your creative goal.

Knowing Photoshop: extra options

Photoshop is incredibly useful for you as a graphic designer. In InDesign, you can't just remove a background, or pimples and wrinkles, or even create photo collages.

If you know how to use Photoshop this will help you better serve your clients: you can do it all yourself and do not depend on others to do the Photoshop work for you. This saves time, effort and of course: money.

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Graphic design

You use InDesign for graphic design. This is designing everything that is meant for presentation and reading material: brochures, complete books and magazines, the folders and flyers of organisations. All of these can be designed professionally with InDesign: this is graphic design.

Printed or digital layouts

You can use InDesign for digital publications too, to create interactive documents. And even for designs that are used on internet. InDesign is very surprising.
In 2018/2019 a new course for interactive graphic design will be created, in which digital media design will be addressed.

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Editing images (photos)

In InDesign you can not edit photos, the application simply is not meant for that. This means you can not restore, edit and tweak images in InDesign.
In Photoshop you can not isolate people and animals for instance, this means you can not remove a background and correct colours to create perfectly isolated elements. You can not remove pimples, wrinles and more in InDesign, you need Photoshop for that.

If you need to do that you should use Photoshop.

Creating illustrations

You can't create illustrations and drawings in InDesign, the application is not created for that either. This means that you can not design logos in InDesign, or create free illustrations.

You need Illustrator for all this. InDesign is too restricted for that. And that's good! InDesign focuses on what it has to do which is putting content together: combining the photos and illustrations with text to create beautiful layouts.


InDesign is combining

Compare InDesign with a photo album in which you paste photos of your family. That is InDesign. You didn't make these photos though. If you want to edit them, you need more than InDesign: Illustrator and Photoshop.

Without knowing how to use Illustrator and Photoshop you are bound to the quality of the photos that you receive. This need not be a problem but if you want more control: learn Illustrator and Photoshop.

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Designing logos

Designing logos is a special trade. You will need to create sharp bezier curves in paths and use special tools. But not only that: you will need a good sense of colour, shape and proportion. And of course a good understanding of what your client needs.

Free drawing and designing logos is not done in InDesign, it is too restricted for this. The big strong point of InDesign is combining elements, not creating these elements.

Design logos in Illustrator

If you want to design logos you will need Illustrator. Illustrator is really made for such work. In Illustrator you use, among other things, the 'Pen' tool to create perfect designs. You use sharp vector paths that can be tweaked with the bezier curves, achor points and handles.

Designing logos in InDesign is not professional since it's too restrictive. You really need Illustrator for logos.

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Posters & business cards

You can create posters in InDesign, yes. You combine photos and type into good designs. Combining photos and type is easily done in InDesign once you know what you're doing and what you should pay attention to.

Business cards are a different matter. These can of course be created in InDesign too but it's a bit of a big gun for the job. Finer designs such as business cards, especially if they need more details, are easier to create in Illustrator.

InDesign or Illustrator?

Illustrator or InDesign? This is a common question. In most cases, the following helps.

Easy to place loose elements
Simply move elements around
Quickly adjust colours
Combine and create drawings
Quickly add illustrations
Combine images, illustrations and type

Everyting has to be inside a frame
Recolouring is less intuitive
You have more type options
Combine images, illustrations and type

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Editing photos, images

Photos, images, can not be edited in InDesign. Photos are made up of pixels, you can not edit these in InDesign. In other words: you can't restore images, remove wrinkles and pimples or remove backgrounds in InDesign. You can at most hide layers but this already requires Photoshop knowledge since you create and magage the layers in Photoshop.
You can add a gradient or other effect but that's about it really. You can not edit the image itself. And that's a good thing! InDesign was not made for that, this keeps it fast. You really need Photoshop to edit images.

Editing photos? Photoshop!

If you need to edit photos you will need Photoshop. Any other image editing software will do of course but since InDesign and Photoshop (and of course Illustrator) can communicate so well it's a good idea to stick to Photoshop.

In this case, since you're using InDesign, I strongly recommend using Photoshop for the best integration. Use it to edit images that are made up with pixels, and use Illustrator to edit and create images that are made up with vector paths.

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If you have to design brochures

If you need to create a lot of brochures for instance it is a good idea to know how to use InDesign. This helps you save a lot of time and lets you create professional brochures and print files.

If you need to combine lots of photos

if you are asked to combine lots of photos for presentations, portfolios and more it's very useful to know InDesign. If you combine many photos you often need many pages. InDesign is very useful for perfect management of such files and designs.

For many presentations

Many companies need presentation material during fairs and other events. InDesign is the perfect application to create the artwork you need for this. Combine images with type and create attractive designs.

For quick hand-outs

If your company needs a few quick designs for a fair or congress you can quickly create this in InDesign: create hand-outs that draw the attention and that beg to be read. Combine photos, illustrations and images into inspiring material.

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If you create designs that contain lots of pages, as is the case with magazines, brochures and yearbooks, it's a good idea to use InDesign. It allows for perfect page management.

InDesign is of course also used to layout books. If you have to combine lots of images and have to manage pages that contain headers, footers and page numbers your new best friend will be InDesign.

In InDesign you will find all typographic options, if everything needs to be in perfect typographic shape InDesign will really be your best choice.

In InDesign you can not draw freely.


Illustrator is best to create small folders, business cards, stationery and much more. Illustrator allows you to quickly move elements around and recolour in an amazing way. You can combine images, illustrations and text.

Illustrator has many options for type, almost as many as InDesign and its typography options are very good.

Illustration has a few more text tricks up its sleeve. But Illustrator is less handy if you need to create designs that contain lots of pages.

In Illustrator of course you can draw freely, create illustrations and logos, infographics and organograms.

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Actually no! InDesign uses very different techniques than Illustrator does. You really need InDesign to create layouts that contain multiple pages, too.

Magazines, brochures...

In Illustrator you can create perfect designs for folders, flyers and even posters. But as soon as you need designs that require more pages you are way better off with InDesign.

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Yeah, actually...

QuarkXpress has been pressed out of the market by Adobe. When the first Adobe suite came out, containing InDesign, this was what most graphic designers feared. Their comfortable QuarkXpress was slowly replaced by InDesign. Many graphic designers therefore ended up here learning InDesignis door Adobe uit de markt gedrukt met InDesign.

Comforting thoughts

InDesign is a lot easier to use than QuarkXpress though, it's a friendlier application. What's more: you won't need expensive plug-ins to add specific content for instance. It's less 'stiff' than QuarkXpress used to be. I hope you will like InDesign!

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What is graphic design?

Graphic design is presenting graphics and text for specific media in the most attractive way. The most commonly know medium is of course print: think of brochures, year books, magazines and of course books.

But graphic design nowadays is also about designing for different media. Think of properly designed PDF files that clients can download or receive via email, or website presentations. Anything can be well layed out and presented in a good way.

A graphic designer therefore combines text, graphics, illustrations and photos into a lively and well thought of design.

Creating beautiful combinations

Graphic designers need to know a lot about space, colour, proportion, fonts and more. And of course graphic designers know the program they use perfectly to quickly select the right tools and functions.

During graphic educations at LearningTrain though this is not enough. We anticipate on the more modern requirements so you will also learn how to use Illustrator to create graphics, illustrations, logos and drawings. You learn Photoshop so you can edit photographic material and create collages, and prepare images for use in InDesign.

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Creative graphic design?

You don't need to be creative, some students will only use the applications to create artwork according to company guidelines which doesn't leave  lot of room for creativity. They will have to comply to the rules instead.

But if you're going to work independently and are free to decide on the design it is a good thing to be more creative or to at least have enough interest in layout and design.

Learn how to observe

What's more, ever since the first lesson you will learn how to observe and pay attention to detail. This will help you develop a sense of proportion and understand colour and shaping. After a few lessons you will be able to evaluate if elements go together well.

Of course, personal taste is important. But this can be counter productive. Your teacher will help you let go of certain fixed ideas and to develop a more 'open look'.

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Graphic designer: creating combinations

Most graphic designers use photos and images that were created by someone else. Strictly speaking you only need InDesign for graphic design. In InDesign you combine those ready-made images with text.

But... graphic designers nowadays are asked to do much more. If your client expects you to edit images it's a whole different ball game. And the game changes even more if you are asked to create graphics and illustrations or even logos. You will need to know how to use more software. Because graphic designers are so often asked to do the above LearningTrain's graphic designer educations are ready for all this. During one of these complete educations you learn how to create your own images and graphics and how to create beautiful layouts with them.

During the Graphic Designer PRO education you learn how to use InDesign extensively. You use masters, special type options and all professionals need.
If you don't need this and only want to use the most common, more simple InDesign functions the Graphic Designer Education is good for you. It contains a short InDesign module instead.

Add illustrator: create illustrations

InDesign allows you to combine content, elements. These elements consist of photos and illustrations. The illustrations are made with Adobe Illustrator. During our Graphic Designer Educations you learn how to create illustrations, decorative elements, infographics and even logos.

Add Photoshop: photo editing

Photoshop is extremely useful for graphic designers. You can't edit photos in InDesign, you can't for instance remove wrinkles or remove backgrounds or combine photos. If you know Photoshop you have one big advantage over other designers: you can create more content yourself and do not depend on others to do all the image editing: you do it yourself.


InDesign is where all the elements come together. Since during the education you learn how to create illustrations, graphics and how to edit photos this is a great asset for your company: you do all the preprep and creative things and combine it all in InDesign for different media.

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Graphic Designer Education

The educations are almost idential, the only difference is the InDesign part and in the combinations during your education.

During this education you learn just as much Illustrator and Photoshop as during the PRO education.

The InDesign portion though is limited to only two lessons. These are ideal if you don't intend to use InDesign a lot and if you are going to create simpler designs such as small brochures, posters and flyers with just a few pages.

Graphic Designer Education PRO

This education contains a very extensive InDesign module. During this module you learn how to use the InDesign masters, type styles, special pages and interesting layout options and design functions.

This education is perfect for you if you are going to create designs that contain lots of pages as is the case with magazines and big brochures, and of course books. Laying out posters and flyers is possible as well: you learn it all.
If you are interested in jobs were they need designers who know InDesign this education is a superior choice. It is the reason why more and more students choose the Graphic Designer Education PRo.

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InDesign & Photoshop

In InDesign you put images, photos, together and then combine them with illustrations and beautifully formatted text. But you can not edit the images in InDesign. You can only edit images in image editing software such as Photoshop. If you really need to edit images, for instance to remove backgrounds, you will need more than InDesign.

In practice it's a good idea to know how to use Photoshop. This makes you independent of third parties and will give you more freedom as you design. It saves you a lot of hassle and negotiating and explanation time and of course frustration since you spend less time coordinating. This frees up a lot of designing time.

TIP In practice you will really need to know both Illustrator and Photoshop. Have a look at a Photoshop course.

InDesign & Illustrator

In InDesign you can create great layouts but you can't create illustrations. During an Illustrator course you can learn, among other things, to create logos and to adjust them, to do special things with text, manage colours and even create infographics and special illustrations that you can then use in InDesign.

It is very handy to know how to use Illustrator as a graphic designer. In practice you will often have to adjust existing Illustrator files. And even though some adjustments can be very simple, it is a great asset to know how to use Illustrator since most clients will expect you can perform such tasks.

TIP InDesign and Illustrator are a great combination that allows you to create exactly what you need.

InDesign & webdesign

Websites are often designed in Illustrator. Buttons and fixed elements are simply oh so handy to create in Illustrator. And even though some designers still use Photoshop to design the interface of websites this is mostly due to the fact they don't know how to use Illustrator.

But you can design websites in InDesign too. It is easy to add images and illustrations and then to export the layout so a webdesigner can create the website based on your design. Attention though: this does not mean your design is the website and that it's less work for this web developer! The developer can't create a website from your design, he or she will use it as a reference for the design.

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