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    Uw privacy is belangrijk
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Your Privacy
Is important

Privacy declaration (in Dutch)

Ever since LearningTrain started way back in 2003, we collect as little information about you as possible. This will stay this way.

Since privacy is a big issue at LearningTrain we collect as little information about you as possible. And we will continue to do so, there is not a single reason why we would need to know a lot about you.

There is a new privacy law Since May 25 2018, a welcome addition to the privacy of anyone buying or visiting anything online. Read what that means and find the link to our privacy statement.

Read the sheet


A new law was installed May 25 2018. This means you, the consumer, are now better protected. The law gives company more responsibility to help consumers manage the data they submit.

There are 9 criteria for companies to see if they have to do a DPIA..

The nine criteria

Profiling based on personal information
LearningTrain does not profile or make predictions about job predictions, health, personal preferences or other.

Automated decisions
LearningTrain does not do any profiling and will not make automated decisions that could rule out certain people.

Grand monitoring
We do not do this at LearningTrain, we do not use high-end grand monitoring devices to control and monitor the public space, we do not save security footage unless something happens that requires to do this from a judicial point of view.

Sensitive data
LearningTrain does not collect sensitive data such as political preferences, private information, financial information and otehr. We only collect basic information that is required to get you started as a student.

Collection of data on a big scale
We do not collect large amonts of data, there is absolutely no need for this to become a student here.


Connected databases
The LearningTrain databases are not connected to other databases. No online databases are present, either..

information on vulnerable persons
LearningTrain does not enroll persons that have a vulnerable (mental) background since it is possible they can't completely follow what is addressed.

Use of new technology
LearningTrain only uses tested and standardized technology that holds no risks for privacy. We keep the website and the information we collect very basic to make this possible.

Denying rights, service, contract
LearningTrain does not collect information that might lead to denial of service, rights or contracts unless this is required by law.

We can happily tell you no cookies are required to use this website. This means it's optimal for privacy. No cookies from us or third parties are required.

The information we need

We need the following information from you to enroll you as a student.

  • Your full name
  • Your street name and number
  • Your postal code and city
  • Your email address
  • Your telephone number
  • If your employer or company pays for your course or education we will need some basic information from them. We do though always need your personal email address to send you the necessary course books and your phone number so we can contact you if necessary.

Why is this information needed?

Your name and address
Your name is needed so we know who you are. We only need your personal address if you pay for the training yourself.

Your email adres
We need your email address to send the invoice, the digital books and practise material and to send you corrected homework. We also need it for further communication during your training.

Your telephone number
We need this in case we have to contact you about the course for instance, or if you want us to contact you for help.

Employer information
If your employer pays for the training this is required for the invoice.

Obtaining your information

You can always ask us which information we have on you. Since we ask very little, we save little. But if you would like to know what we have, contact us.

Looking at your information

Your personal information will be sent as a PDF document so you can easily open and read it.

Correcting your information

You can always ask us to correct information, this also helps keeping the information up to date and will correct errors, such as your phone number.

Removing your information

It's easy to ask us to remove any personal information we have: just send an email and we will comply, except if we are required by law to keep information, as can be the case for book keeping.