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Ask Learningtrain to create commercial designs such as logo's, infographics and websites

You can of course attend courses at LearningTrain. But you can also ask LearningTrain to create special designs for your projects and business. Think about logos for instance, infographics or product illustrations. Or consider letting use create the best brochure, presentation and website for your company.

Are you happy with your teacher? You can hire your teacher to create commercial designs too. You can ask for the creation of a logo, stationery, brand books for your company and even complete websites. You decide on the project and we will decide together if this is something we want to work on. Depending on your requirements we will have one or more talks to discuss what needs to be done to make sure all is clear before we start working.

The pricing of some work is already fixed, see below. Other projects will be estimated on demand.

Drawing portraits
By hand, from scratch

Portret tekenen in Illustrator

Since the start of 2018, it's possible to order drawn portraits.

Due to the costs we focus on companies and professional clients who want to celebrate official occasions: think about personal assistants leaving, a 10-years anniversary or more festive occasions.

But individuals are welcome too, of course. This allows you to obtain a portrait of a loved one and to capture beautiful and cherished moments in your life.

How it works

The portraits are created from scratch in Adobe Illustrator. A picture you send will be used for the portrait. We will ask you what is special to this person, if there are particular things that should be emphasised. For instance: in above portrait Japan was important and has been added to the portrait's theme. This makes each portrait unique.

Pricing, what you get
and time estimate

portretten tekenen, illustratie van mensen en gezichten

Creating the portrait takes at least a week, so make sure you order it in time.


Per portret
€ 700,00 excluding BTW (taxes, VAT)
€ 847,00 including 21% BTW

What you get

You will receive a big print that you can put in a frame of your choice. This way the frame will fit in your interior. You can specify the sizing for this portrait too, provided it does not measure over a metre for the above pricing. Do you need a bigger portrait? That's okay: a price will be estimated first.

Extra for free

As an extra you will receive two free digital files: a small and medium size file that you can use on social media and of course share with loved ones.

Illustrations for all goals

illustrator illustratie

You can order illustrations, logos and other artwork. Logos and infographics really are a joy to design; count on your expectations being met. The style of the illustration can be adjusted to your branding needs so seamless integration is a given. All illustrations can, for instance, be created with specific colours from your brand books.

Discuss what you need with the one who will be doing the artwork to make sure your needs will be met and that the work will really help your design and brand stand out.

illustrator illustratie

illustrator illustratie

Cost explanation

illustrator illustratie

The costs will depend on what you need, how much time is required, and sometimes even on how quickly the artwork should be created; speedy delivery may be a bit more expensive and usually takes more time.

A special price can be set in advance for illustrations and logos. For other artwork you can either agree on a fixed price or pay for the estimated time. If additional hours are added these will be added to an extra invoice. Should fewer hours be needed you will of course get the money back.

illustrator illustratie

illustrator illustratie

Image editing

illustrator illustratie

You can let us edit your own illustrations and photos to make them optimal for print. This is usually perfect for photographers; the photos will be optimised to use in professional printing processes.


illustrator illustratie

Image editing is calculated per hour. Since the editors are professionals this is done efficiently and quickly.

Image editing per hour
€ 100,00 excluding BTW (taxes)
€ 121,00 including 21% BTW

Design websites

Designing a website is exactly that: only the design is done. In other words: you can use that design to create the website yourself, or to ask someone else to do this for you.

Some companies offer web design as a complete package; both the design and creation of the website are implied, but only the design is handed to you. If a company offers to do the design, aks if they will only do the design or if they will build the website as well.

Creating websites

Once the website is designed it will of course have to be built. LearningTrain can do that, or you can ask someone else to do this.

LearningTrain can create websites that are absolutely what you need. We keep the websites clean without sneaky code such as Google or other tracking, or that has to do with other third parties. Clean and honest design and build is our pride.

If you want though Google, Facebook, Twitter, and aother implementations can be realised.


WordPress websites and blogs are possible too, of course, allowing you to add content and enjoy the functionality without the hassle of code.