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Background, history &

LearningTrain was founded in June 2003.

The goal was to help people develop new skills to allow them to do high-demand work in the graphic design and web design area. Read more below.

Early days

The beginning was simple with a clear goal: helping people who enjoyed benefits find new skills so they would have more chances finding a job in the graphic design and web design area. The enrolling students strongly had this interest. They learned Photoshop, Illustrator and webdesign. They were sent by the Dutch official instances to learn new skills and sometimes to revalidate and find a better place in society which resulted in fascinating and focused training.

There was a conscious decision to not advertise to keep the groups smaller and more personal.


After about a year and a half it was clear that not advertising did not work: LearningTrain was discovered by the companies. In a big way! More and more companies hired LearningTrain and sent employees to learn new skills. English spoken courses and of course English lesson material was developed and through companies such as Shell, many an expat found his way here for training.

New courses were developed, one was even developed after 'Serious Request' from students. The courses and educations were fully developed to ensure professional training with a personal touch.

The Big Crisis & after

During the crisis the governmental subsidies mostly shut down. The group of individuals became smaller and the group of students coming in through companies strongly grew. The proportions were inversed. The emphasis changed too, it now lay on learning new skills to find a new job or to perform more tasks in current jobs.

After the crisis the individuals returned. Together with the students from the corporate world this results in great professional and targeted courses in which people truly connect and even network.


Due to the special start and roots of LearningTrain, the following is important to us:

  • Creativity
  • Professional development
  • A motivated mission to let anyone enjoy training
  • The oppressed and fugitives
  • Women's rights and oppression
  • Equal rights for all, no matter sex, background, sexual preferences and other personal preferences
  • In the international groups: an interest for one another's culture and background


Word of the founder

When I started with LearningTrain I had a mission: to help people get a better life, make them feel useful and help them develop new skills to make that happen. When I started I just came out of a difficult period in my life. Little did I know an even more daunting period would arise. But the work gave me a lot of positive energy and working with the students gave me a lot of fun.
My goal was to make enough money to pay for the necessary things in life. I don't really need luxury items so my wishes are modest. As soon as I would have gathered enough I would start teaching for free. Well... with a request! What I really, really wanted was to teach the following way: the hours I spend on you, you spend on helping others. You can work in animal shelters for instance, in homes for the elderly, help in nature projects or help refugees for example. Anything is fine just so long it doesn't fit your own personal agenda and it should really all be about doing something you are not used to.
I have not reached this goal yet and may never reach it, but it is my mission to make the world a better and more beautiful place regardless.